Girls, Guns, Gods, Glass Eyes and More!

Ooze #4 Winter 1995


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  • A Fine Editorial
  • Staff list and legal mumbo-jumbo
  • Where can I find Ooze?
  • Read our Mail
  • She Who Is Fragile
  • Are You a God?
  • Pouser Art
  • Cafeteria Food-Medical Probelm Mix 'n Match
  • freak for a day on venice beach
  • Flunk Trigonometry --for the WORLD!
  • James Brown Diaries
  • Nutty German Joke
  • 'Cross the Country with Ooze
  • Kids Korner
  • An interview with Jason Priestly!
  • More Stupid Art
  • Celebrity Restraunts to Be
  • Asses of My Youth
  • How to Get In-flight Movies for FREE
  • Modern Day Medicine Lover Song
  • Predictions for 1995
    This is the first web issue of Ooze, and if it is popular enough I will convert other versions of graphical Ooze over. If you have any suggestions, HTML programming tips or ideas feel free to drop a note to drbubonic@ao You can even join our extended Ooze family. Lucky you.

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