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Each week, Ooze posts a new streamin' quicktime packet of fun. We smite the righteous, and expose the humorous.

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Ooze #12
Celebrating 50 Years of Ooze

Guest Editor Tipper Gore describes how she will shut down Ooze and put its readers into special camps.

The Secret History of Ooze
Trace the eldrich history of Ooze from a primitive cave wall to saving the universe from destruction.

Axe Your Dog and EAT IT
Ooze takes to the street with its pro-meat demonstrations in the face of vegetarians everywhere. See the parody site, read our comments and watch the video featured on OozeTV.

Is Your Son GAY?
Take this simple test and find out! ALSO ON THIS PAGE: A Dyke's Life - a 15 year-old reader tries his hand at tackling gay issues.

Scholastic Books Rejected Posters
Remember the posters with two cute kitty cats in a basket with the caption, "Who, me?" Ooze uncovered a treasure trove of posters the Scholastic Book Club never released.

Dear Mr. Snack Shop Guy
Ever walk in on someone pooping - and they didn't see you? Guilt-wracked Joe Wagner decided to tell all.

Hate Mail
We get enough hate mail every year to circle the globe three times.

Reader Survey Reveals Mass Psyhosis
In Ooze #10, we quizzed readers about themselves. Our TRS-80 in the basement has just completed its tabultations.

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