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A friend of mine stole this from Disney High Command when he was temping. All hail King Maus! Heil Mickey! Heil!

Be calm; be courteous; listen: don't interrupt the caller; keep the caller talking; ask the caller to repeat.

Report the call immediately to the Security Duty Supervisor, x4330, then notify your supervisor.

Questions to Ask:
* When is the bomb going to explode?
* Where is it right now?
* What does it look like?
* What kind of bomb is it?
* What will cause it to explode?
* Did you place the bomb?
* Why?
* What is your name?
* What is your address?

Exact wording of the threat:
Sex of caller:__________ Race:________
Age:_______ Length of call:__________
Phone numbers at which the call was received:_____________
Time:_____ Date:_______

Caller's Voice:
(check all that apply)
__Calm __Nasal __Angry __Stutter __Excited __Lisp __Slow __Raspy __Rapid __Deep __Soft __Ragged __Loud __Clearing throat __Laughing __Deep breathing __Crying __Cracking voice __Normal __Disguised __Distinct __Accent __Slurred __Familiar

If the voice is familiar, who did it sound like?__________

Background Sounds:
__Street noises __Factory machinery __Crockery __Animal noises __Voices __Clear __PA System __Static __Music __Local __House noises __Long distance __Motor __Office machinery __Other _______

Threat Language:
__Well spoken (educated) __Incoherent __Taped __Foul __Irrational __Message read by threat maker

Do Not Disobey the MOUSE!

Save Route 666!
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