It seems that many of you out there in the non-virtual world are desperate to discover how you can be become pioneers on the cyberfrontier just like your infobuddies at Ooze. The first step towards creating such a company is, of course, a corporate identity. But the step before that is a name. It's critical that you give your company a name that says you're company is hip and right out there on the techno-edge. But you're not so far out there that you can't come up with a marketable product or service, like the Salad Shooter or pizza delivery. So welcome, neophytes, to Ooze's Name Your New Company Chart. Just pick one word from each column and assemble a name that will make venture capitalists race to their copyright lawyers.

Info	    active	      spam
Virtual media monkey
Cyber mation lint
Multi com agog
Data tal goiter
Net bacon sock
Web vision cheese
Inter icine lichen
Tele scape Bobby
Digi aramaic brazil nuts
Micro exus marmot
Sys graphic gabardine

The "Theory" of Gravity: A Paper
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Ooze #7 ----- Winter '96

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