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10:11 PM - After arriving almost 2 hours before the Seventh Sequel is to begin, we notice that the Arclight let people enter the theatre earlier. These people are much more in control than the people at the Chinese Theatre were, and are more hostile. After we hold our Messages Aloft, we are surrounded. Mall security escorts us from the main Arclight Plaza because we are "tresspassing." We are told if we do not leave, the, "Black and Whites" will be called. How appropriate - as this itself is a black and white issue! We decide to move to the sidewalk.

We are prohibited from going to the main press event on a PUBLIC sidewalk by our Angels. After talking with a few media outlets, (E!, IGN) our security detail tells other crews that we "do not want to speak with them." - UNTRUE! We stood our ground and passed 1500 fliers, and chatted with many enlightened and un-enlightened fans. Luke even got to stand in a prayer circle!

Our security detail did eventually feel for us, and even argued with satan-filled fans on our behalf. One told Luke that he felt our pain and was sad he had to go - he feared for our lives! We told him we had done this before and never met with foul ends - God saw us through unscathed by the heathe once again!

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Hal Bergman

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note: Mortimer Fontaine is NOT related to George Lucas!


Jeff at the House - Video footage of our protest!

Star Wars or Bust - documentary that features Mortimer Fontaine speaking to the media

Real Christians Agree with Us! - We knew we were on to something and others took up the banner.

More Christians Speak Out - "You should explain to your younger viewers the difference between the non-existent "force", and the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God."

Believers in the "Force" - They call Yoda, "Jesus"

Jedi Religion in Australia - They really believe!

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