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Other spots featuring Ooze:

Ftp the ALL VERSIONS from our own ftp stuff
Ftp the TEXT VERSION from ftp.etext.org (file path is /pub/Zines/Ooze/)
America Online- Mac Games Forum (Keyword: MGM) Old issues in the publications archive. [edited for content etc.]
CompuServe- Go MACFUN. Ooze is in the Game Aids/Add -ons Library. [edited for content]
eWorld - In the Mac Shareware Games area and the Ziff Net section.
virtual.village-/a FirstClass BBS@508.368.4222


Besides writing or making art for Ooze, we have a few positions we need to fill:
HTML/Multimedia funny ha ha's- If you program cgi or multimedia weirdness, submit it to us, as we are getting more disk space.
Distributors- Even if you aren't funny, you can spread the word of Ooze. Put it on your ftp site, forward them to all your friends, etc. As a bonus, you'll get the beta issues too. Your input is needed!

Send all contributions (sounds, games, articles, art, oriental rugs) to Drbubonic@aol.com

Ooze #8 is going to be our Teen, Sassy & Seventeen issue due out April 1st. Deadline for submissions is around the end of February. JOIN OUR STAFF TODAY!

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Ooze #7 ----- Winter '96

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