The World's Stupidest Shareware

The World's Stupidest Shareware Vol. V is perhaps the most innane collection of collected detrius yet. Are these programs bug-free and Professional? No way. Useful? No. Entertaining? Questionable.

This issue, all the shareware I am distributing is for the Macintosh. They are all compressed with stuffit and made into text files with Bin Hex 4.0. You'll need a program(s) that can read these formats to decode these programs.

Ninjerk 1.0
--Dan (
Ninjerk might be loosely described as a fighting game in the style of Mortal Kombat and Streetfighter. Whereas these programs are known for their fierce action and great graphics, Ninjerk might only be known for it's bizarre stick-figure fighters that contort their bodies in Ways Man Was Not Meant To Know in glorious 1-bit graphics! (90k)

Eat Me and Drink Me
--Ian Smith (
Ian Smith of Hearts Deluxe fame created these tiny twin programs to befuddle any Online Alices which fall down this hole. I refuse to tell you what these programs do, but I will tell you that one program cancels the actions of the other. (22k)

If you have any shareware programs you made honored by Ooze submit them to TODAY!

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