[These are all MAC ONLY]

Mouse Turds

[STUPIDEST SHAREWARE FOR THE MAC] Mouse Turds is a file extension you put into your system's extension folder. What happens? When you restart your computer you will notice no apparent changes at all. Then you start working on whatever it is you do on your mac, wondering what the fuss was all about. Later, when you least expect it, your mouse pointer tr ansforms into a mouse, squeaks and leaves a small, steaming turd-pile on your screen. I've had this extension installed on my mac for two months and haven't found any conflicts with it yet. A great addition to your Ooze-aware system. Programmed by pigpi le1@aol.com


[STUPIDEST SHAREWARE FOR THE MAC] Meltdown is a small desk accessory that causes your screen to melt into a slag heap when you double-click on it. Your monitor might never work the same again. Programmed by pigpile1@aol.com

Ooze: The Game

In Ooze: The Game you assume the role of Matt Patterson, Editor of Ooze, as he battle forces that would otherwise like to see ooze extinct: AOL, Compuserve, Farts, his brother, and his brother's friends. Grab the famous Ooze icon, and Baby With Fork In He ad from the cover of issue #1, for extra points. The creepy pictures of me and my brother were taken from issue #4's cheese-head photo. Programmed by Steven Ingram
Cheesehead Attack! (163k)

If you have developed, or know of a particularly dumb or outstanding program bring it to our attention at drbubonic@aol.com

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