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Ooze, “The Journal of Substance, Wit, and Dangerous Masturbatory Habits,” has always dragged the public into their most popular and sordid articles. These acts have always been popular, and oft imitated. Their 1994 Worst Breakdancing Troupe was ripped off by Spike Jonez. Their 1996 Rennisance Faire appearance as Star trek characters was ripped off by Mr. Show.

Ok. So, maybe we weren't exactly ripped off. The point is, Ooze is filled with pranks. These pranks on this page are unique to the web, that they are active web based 'organizations'.

Ooze is now presenting their pranks and sketches in public at The Complex in Hollywood.

Ooze posed as fundamentalist Christians to protest the opening of “Star Wars: Episode I” at Mann’s Chinese Theatre on the grounds that “The Force Is A Tool Of Satan.” Star Wars fans were furious and the media ate it up, and still do at toolofsatan.org

El Culo Negro for Vice-President

Ooze fronted an alternative candidate for Vice-President at the Democratic National Convention called El Culo Negro- or The Black Ass. Actually taken somewhat seriously by The League of Women Voters, and some media outlets, this American-Mexican wrestler's website can be seen at elculonegro.com

People Who Enjoy Eating Tasy Animals

Ooze held a “Pro-Meat” demonstration on Venice Beach by giving out free Slim Jims, entertaining children with a puppet show starring a rotisserie chicken, and provoking the Beach’s resident militant vegetarian, Jingles, to threaten to kick their asses. All this can be seen on pweeta.org

Mann's Chinese Theatre
El Culo Negro
People Who Enjoy Eating Tasty Animals

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