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Ever wonder who was the first person to flip someone off? I bet you didn't know if happened more than 2500 years ago. THE FINGER is a gift that keeps on giving special love for as long as the paper isn't rotting in a dumpster. GREAT GIFT! Get it from Ooze. Get it from Amazon.


Live in LA? See THE (new) DINGLEBERRYS video (and more.) June 21, 2007

Matt Patterson of Ooze shows some all New Videos, pictures, adventure stories and more. June 21, 8PM in Hollywood. Ooze is first. The rest is dedicated to the website Jeff at the House which we direct. What is JATH? See demo JATH here. Download flier for more info. Go! Go!


Click to see video. If you can make it to Los Angeles June 16, 2005, then you've gotta see Tap Trek. Why? Because we are getting into Star Trek outfits and tap dancing against Abraham Lincoln. We're not kidding. We are going to keep riding the death of the most famous Sci-Fi series' for all their worth. Click on the link for more info and write Jeff to reserve seats!

Ooze at Los Angeles (area)Film Festival
The Century City Film Festival
is sort of proud to present OBEY THE SIGNS... AND LIVE! on the big screen in... Hollywood. Why see it on the Big Screen when you can see it for free online? It'll be, BIGGER, and will make us feel better when you laugh and the rest of the audience is horrified. Also - the director will wear an Ooze shirt, and if you identify yourself, he'll give the first few people free THE FINGER books. ooohhh!

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Friday, Oct. 29, 2004 @ 3:15 PM
Fairfax 3 7907 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

The LA WEEKLY calls it "unconventional humor." The Ventura Star says, "major success is right around the corner for Ooze." And now Ooze presents a NEW SHOW! in "SEX"
final show WEDS. Nov. 28!
@8:00 PM (no show Nov. 21)

6462 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood - valet parking available

MJ Loheed, Matt Patterson, Eddie Schmidt & Joe Wagner of horrify Hollywood with their Evening of Scandalous Sketches and Pranks!

They made international news with their "Force is a Tool of Satan" protest, they wrote the book, "The Finger: A Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off", and they write for assorted television shows. Now they are storming the stage with a show you'll never forget... Forever!

Reservation Hotline: 323-692-8240
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Give us your NAME and HOW MANY tickets you want to reserve. A Reservation does not automatically guarantee you a seat. However, reservations are seated first, so it's a good idea to show up early.

The Complex Theatres on Santa Monica. Valet Parking in front of theater! Cost is $10 - $8 if you print up and bring this flyer!

NOTE: There will be NO show on Wed. Oct. 31 AND Nov. 21

REVIEW of Ooze in CELEBRITY- from the Ventura Star

t should come as no surprise that it’s nearly impossible to get a straight answer from Ooze. After all, this foursome is best known for pulling outrageous pranks that have incited near riots while garnering worldwide press.

TV writers, Web celebrities and literary authors of sorts, Ooze (M.J. Loheed, Matt Patterson, Eddie Schmidt and Joe Wagner) has developed a stage show called “Celebrity” that incorporates sketch comedy with video from some of the group’s most outrageous stunts (think intelligent Tom Green meets Michael Moore).

But sitting backstage at The Complex in Los Angeles, it takes some cajoling to get the real story. “We met in the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia. 1991. Scuds were dropping all around us,” says Patterson with a straight face when asked how the group met. Of course the answer is a bit less dramatic—they met as college students at Vassar and found that each had the same twisted sense of humor, but each with his own distinct personality.

Matt, who built the Ooze website, is the spokesman. Eddie is the brain. M.J. is the quiet one and Joe is the wild card, which means in the midst of a philosophical conversation about comedy he is liable to jump up and begin screaming.

After college, Ooze moved to Los Angeles where they performed at various comedy clubs. The group’s first break came not on stage but in a book. about a certain obscene gesture. “The Finger” became a Top-75 seller

Perhaps Ooze is best known for public displays of insanity, most notably its protest of the latest Star Wars film. “We went to the opening of Phantom Menace at Mann’s Chinese Theatre dressed as conservative Christians,” Patterson recalls. “We held signs and handed out fliers explaining that “The Force” [a special power that some characters in the movie use] is a tool of Satan.”

The reactions from people in line, some of whom had been there for days, was less than positive. “A few people threatened us,” Loheed says. “What seemed like a harmless bit of fun actually revealed an ugly side to a movie we all know and love, which is that some people take Star Wars too seriously. The average Star Wars fanatic was genuinely threatened by two nuts on the sidewalk with signs.”

Video of the protest made several TV newscasts in America, Europe and Asia. The video, which is still on the group’s website, receives daily hate mail, Patterson said.

Since then, Wagner has been seen in episodes of MTV’s The Andy Dick Show, and he and Loheed have written for the Comedy Central network game show Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush.

But Ooze still wants to do its own brand of humor. This current show was developed as a live pilot for a TV show they are pitching to various networks.

The one-hour performance is not for children and certainly not for anyone who doesn’t enjoy intelligent, yet tasteless, humor. Celebrity’s theme is that famous actors are better than the rest of us and that they deserve special treatment.

In one video segment, Ooze portrays the Celebrity Rights Association. The group posted “Celebrity Parking Only” signs at a local supermarket and waved away cars driven by the non-famous. And they attempted to persuade various businesses to give celebrities free merchandise.

Ooze videos often end with the police arriving or with quizzical bystanders wondering if what they are witnessing is real.

The videos are interspersed with sketches. The most notable scene concerns a man who gets to meet his idol Jimmy Stewart, who, unfortunately has become a menacing zombie.

Ooze’s humor stems from its willingness to do anything for a laugh. But the group takes itself seriously, as witnessed by a post-show session to discuss how to sharpen a couple of the scenes and to brainstorm other pranks.

Does Ooze fear ever taking a prank too far?

“The day we do is the day M.J. gets shot in the face” said Wagner. “And that day is next Wednesday, here at The Complex.”

Another straight answer looks far in the future, but if this show is any indication, major success is right around the corner.

Jeff Favre

Undead Jimmy Stewart
The Dingle berries
Johnny Lee Chase - Star of the WB

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