Who Gives the Finger?

Johnny Cash 
Johnny Cash makes a direct deposit at the Finger Bank.

Lots of People

People love the versatility of the finger- it's direct, it's pissy, and it gets a central point across meaning, "I hate you and all you stand for." Everyone can use it, from the trendy to the downtrodden, from the lofty to the people who live in artist's lofts.

We found a great book called, "The Finger: A Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off" that covers a lot of this territory. Check it out ON SALE at their website!


Nelson Rockefeller 
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller appeals to the younger voters at this 1976 rally for Bob Dole (in bkgd.)

beastie boys 
The Beastie Boys can say, "Hello, Nasty" without even opening their mouths.

courney love  
Pre-surgery Courtney Love looking very (un) attractive. Mmm- Let me snack on that Hole!

Frank Zappa digs for the root of his anger.

George Bush "Flip-Off"
George BushSee the President Flip the Bird
When George Bush was Governor of Texas he gave the camera a "One-Fingered Salute" before going on the air. While Bush may not have been the Commander-in-Chief at the time, this video is historically significant because the highest ranking U.S. official caught flipping someone off previously was Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller. Mr. Rockefeller was thought to be in the first stages of dementia at the time and died two years later. The same thing could be argued about Bush, but two years later he was made President. (1.1 mb)

Tupac Shakur displays two mighty digits. Too bad they weren't fast enough to catch that bullet.

Kurt cobain 
Kurt Cobain flips the wrong finger. Makes you wonder if he was trying to get Courtney and screwed up which part of the shotgun was the shooting end.

tommy lee 
Motley Crüe drummer and ex-Mr. Anderson, Tommy Lee makes a rare appearance between porno shoots and jail.

Diamond Darrell, lead guitarist for the thrash band Pantera, makes an obscene gesture at China's expense.

Bowie Gives the Finger on TV 
Watch ancient glam rock stud, David Bowie
flip off the NBC audience during the closing credits of Saturday Night Live. (173k)

Stone Cold Steve Austin 
Stone Cold Steve Austin launches a meaty, full-finger nelson at an attacker. If you had any doubts about whether professional wrestling is real, well...you probably still do.

Who's the dummy? C'mon... Don't be shy. Kid demonstrates which House Party movie he made is any good.

jim carrey as The Mask 
Jim Carrey shows Cameron Diaz the surprising range and depth he'd later employ in "The Truman Show."

luke perry 
Luke Perry correctly predicts the number of days his rodeo flick 8 Seconds will remain in theatres.

Richard Allen Davis
has only two things to say to the jury that found him guilty of murdering 12 year-old Polly Klass. Neither of them is very appealing.

Mikail Markhasev murdered Bill Cosby's only son, Ennis. Police were tipped off by a friend told police he heard "the guy say 'I just shot this black boy.'" Here he is,  obviously very repentant.

A doctor points to cuts on OJ Simpson's middle finger during testimony in Simpson's double murder trial. The doctor said cuts on Simpson's hands might have been consistent with Goldman scratching or clawing to get away from his murderer. A murderer who was giving him the finger?

The Finger: A Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off

THE FINGER has all sorts of freaks flipping off, and even the history of the gesture. Did you know it was invented over 2500 years ago by the ancient Greeks?

It's an amazing and truly comprehensive guide...if only we'd thought of it first!

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