About Ooze
About Ooze

The members of OOZE (M.J. Loheed, Matt Patterson, Eddie Schmidt and Joe) launched their humor on the internet with Ooze (ooze.com), “the Journal of Substance, Wit, and Dangerous Masturbatory Habits.” Gleefully sophomoric, Ooze has been seen around the world by millions. Profiled in the international press, on National Public Radio, featured in the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Ooze has also gotten several high school students suspended for distributing the ‘zine in class.

Performing sketch comedy together since college, the group has most recently appeared at the HBO/Warner Brothers Workspace in Los Angeles and are now bringing that critically acclaimed show to The Complex in Hollywood. They have also appeared at The Comedy Store, the Acme, and were banned from Pasadena’s Ice House after presenting an unsuspecting audience member with a rotten fish (topped with a lit candle) for her birthday.

The origins of Ooze are shrouded in myth, but suffice to say, in 1993 a young Mr. Patterson thought he had a brilliant idea - take the print 'zine he was developing and distribute it -ONLINE! He soon discovered his singularly awesome vision had been replicated elsewhere, but nevertheless brought his unique sensibility to the masses undaunted.

After an early expansion on the web, international acclaim, robust merchandising, and the continual testing of the new boundies offered by an interconnected world, Ooze became one of the few quasi-profitable websites not purchased for millions of dollars in the late 1990's.

Instead, in 1999, Ooze went literary with The Finger: A Comprehensive Guide To Flipping Off, a definitive look at the world’s most popular non-verbal insult. The book quickly became a Top 75 best-seller on amazon.com and was named literary “Pick Of The Week” by the L.A. Weekly. Inexplicably, it was nominated for a teen humor award by the American Library Association.

Later that year, Ooze launched oozeTV, a repository of their own sketch video creations. Over 3 million of their short films and videos have been served since that time.

Ooze is also responsible for perpetrating various acts of “urban guerrilla theatre,” like:

*Posing as fundamentalist Christians to protest the opening of “Star Wars: Episode I” at Mann’s Chinese Theatre, and 2005's Episode III on the grounds that “The Force Is A Tool Of Satan.” Star Wars fans were furious and the media ate it up, and still do at toolofsatan.org

*Fronting an alternative candidate for Vice-President at the Democratic National Convention called El Culo Negro- or The Black Ass. Actually taken somewhat seriously, this American-Mexican wrestler's website can be seen at elculonegro.com

*Holding a “Pro-Meat” demonstration on Venice Beach by giving out free Slim Jims, entertaining children with a puppet show starring a rotisserie chicken, and provoking the Beach’s resident militant vegetarian, Jingles, to threaten to kick their asses. All this can be seen on pweeta.org

In 2006, Ooze unveiled an exciting new web comedy series, The Dingleberrys, about a bunch of misguided giant talking animals trying to make it in the "dangerous" world of underground music.

Wagner has been writing for lots of talk shows and reality TV, been featured on various cable shows, and performs stand-up comedy. Schmidt produced the 2005 Academy Award nominated documentary feature, Twist of Faith, for HBO/Cinemax. In 2006, he produced the most talked about documentary on the MPAA's rating system, THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED. Loheed's last feature film, Freeze Out won best film in the 2005 Westwood Film Fest. Patterson continues to design lots of stuff and mastermind the Ooze.com website.

MJ Loheed
MJ Loheed
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Matt Patterson
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Eddie Schmidt
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